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AK Mechanical - Licensed, Insured & Bonded - Trusted HVAC Service (License #953531)

Thank you for choosing our expert team in HVAC service and HVAC repair, AK Mechanical. Our team is here for your local air conditioning and heating needs! Our team is the premier choice for professional and affordable HVAC repair and maintenance in the San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula and Bay Area. Our highly trained team strive to address your maintenance and repair needs without exceeding your budget.

It is important you choose the right local heating, ventilating, and air conditioning repair contractor for any HVAC service you need done, especially in the case of an emergency. Our HVAC expert team will come to you and fix the issue from the first time! AK Mechanical examines all the critical factors that may be affecting your building's HVAC problems before establishing the appropriate and most affordable heating/cooling solution.


If your heating and air conditioning units need repair, let us fix it! We offer HVAC repair and maintenance for all major brands of heaters, furnaces and air conditioners.


Do you want to purchase a new heating and air conditioning system? We can help you determine what HVAC unit is right for your home or office leaving you with a comfortable and controlled climate and budget.


Are you tired looking at your high energy bill? Contact us and we will give you our expert recommendations and cost effective options.


We are happy to provide HVAC service in the whole Great Bay Area


AC Installation
AC Maintenance and Repair
Air Conditioners repair
Controls & Thermostats
Gas Heating
Heat Pumps
Heating Systems
HVAC Systems
Air Conditioning Service
Electric Heating Systems Service & Repair
Maintenance & Service Contracts
Professional Duct- Work
Duct Sealing
Duct inspection
Electronic Air Filter

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